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Down the hill on the Maisiflitzer Alpine Coaster

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Since last winter Zell am See-Kaprun has even one more thing to offer: the Maisiflitzer Alpine Coaster. The Maiskogel itself is a great place for kids and now offers even more fun for the little ones.

You’ll enjoy the beautiful view when driving up the hill. Up there you can either drive down with quite a speed (~ 40 km/h) or slide peacefully and enjoy the panorama – it’s your choice! I personally chose the high speed to impress my working colleagues ;) By the way it’s completely safe.

The Maisiflitzer is open the whole year – so even in winter you can go for a ride with the coaster! There’s much more at the Maiskogel like wonderful hiking trails or skiing in winter. Kids can enjoy a little pet zoo and a children’s playground with a bouncy bounce! And there’s a bike park too – but that’s another story!

More about the Maiskogel:

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